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Hero Makers

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The goal of this dynamic program is to make real disciples of Jesus Christ who will make disciple makers. The discipleship program involves one person who is willing to pour themselves into another using quality resources and teachings. Of course, you can disciple as many hero’s as God leads you.


This One-on-one course is for anyone wanting to intentionally disciple another person and make them a hero of the faith. The goal is to make them a disciple maker who will be a disciple maker.  

Hero Makers

Hero Makers

What's Included

What Is It? 

The Hero Makers One-on-one course is a 52-week, 59 minutes a week course. 

Where to Meet? 

Do not meet in a restaurant or eating place or you will spend most of your time just chatting over whatever. Our strong suggestion is that you meet in a coffee shop, home and a place where you will only enjoy a hot or cold drink. 


This will keep the time focused and on time. If you go over the 59 minutes, your new hero might get frustrated and end your discipleship relationship.

What Does the Curriculum Cover? 

 The curriculum includes a 52 hours of dynamic digital videos, lecture notes, leadership principles, feedback time, short reading assignment, and action response.

Who Is It For? 

Each week, your disciple will go through a powerful teaching that will bring transformation to their life. Then, you will meet with that person for 59 minutes and process what they have learned. 

When Should We Meet?

Try to set up a consistent time to meet each week. This really helps establish good habits and makes it easy to remember. If you can’t do that, it will require good communication from the disciple maker. If you have to miss a week, don’t panic and just keep meeting until you finish the 52 sessions.

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