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Discipleship Training Course


The DISCIPLESHIP TRAINING COURSE is a life-changing digital video program which brings YWAM teaching and global vision to your small group, church or any group. The course focuses on intimacy with God, radical heart transformation, world vision and immediate application of truth. The speakers are all internationally known who bring the original DTS curriculum and DNA teaching for the small group or classroom model.

This unique discipleship program incorporates hands-on application, small groups, intercession groups, social media, worship and life-changing outreach. The complete DTC package includes everything your small group, church, university, business or prison ministry needs run a dynamic discipleship program.

What's Included

Everything You Need:

Deliver quality and effective training, discipleship, leadership development and mission vision to your group using the small group or classroom model.

Promotional Materials Included

Banners, flyers, posters, notebook covers, name tags for you are ready to print helping you promote your DTC whether using classroom or small group model.

Staff and Student Manuals

Two 100 page manuals that are easily printed to give your staff and students a complete instructional guide for the small group or classroom model.

Thirty-Nine Digital Video Teachings

Learn from some of YWAM’s favorite DTS teachers bringing the original YWAM Discipleship Training School DNA to your small group, class or group

Leaders Guide

A 100-page Leader’s Guide that will enable you to train your staff and students effectively in the principles, philosophy and practices detailed in the curriculum. The Leader’s Guide gives full details of how to run the small group or classroom model with excellence.

Master File 

Including print-ready speaker notes, art design, three manuals and much more.

"Having grown up in the church, we thought we knew everything. This course opened our eyes further than we thought possible."

Jeff and Cheri Willecke

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