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Acepta el desafío. Atrapa una visión. Cambiar el mundo.

Why does my church seem “one-mile-wide and an inch deep?”


Why can’t I go deeper?


Why don’t I have quality and quantity time with my wife, my kids and my friends?


Why do I keep running the same schedule weekly?


Why is the thrill of ministry gone?


Why do I keep preparing sermons or teachings nobody will remember after 8 hours?


Why did Jesus give the church ministry gifts to his body when I seem to be doing it all?


Why doesn’t the church grow under a pastoral gift?


Why can’t I operate in my true gift?


Why can’t we keep effective small groups or house churches going for very long?


Why aren’t we making an impact in our community and helping those in real need?


Why isn’t any one doing one-on-one discipleship?


Why wasn’t I personally mentored?


Am I willing to pay the price for a radical church transformation?


Am I willing to go deep instead of broad for a long-term movement?


Am I willing to pray over selecting a godly team of men and women to bring change?

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