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Acepta el desafío. Atrapa una visión. Cambiar el mundo.

1. ARMY CHURCH - for 300 years operating in micro-churches which included weekend gatherings for equipping and mobilizing the saints


2. CHURCH BECAME AUDIENCE: Constantine declared Christianity a state religion in 323 A.D.and started erecting new buildings


3. CHRISTIANITY SHIFTED TO CHRISTENDOM - lost vision for nations, real discipleship and became moral movement


4. FATAL SHIFT TO THE FRONT - Death of laity and priesthood of every believer and birth of clergy which separated clergy and laity


5. VERBS CHANGED TO NOUNS - apostles, prophets, pastors, teachers, evangelists, church (verbs became nouns) - service was verb and became name of meeting - spectators, not participants church became building, not bride or army (stained glass, not catacombs - order of service - not open church dressing up started as royalty attended with Constantine - sermons instead of prophetic movement, churches names after saints, choirs, empty buildings all week, 11 a.m. starting time, order of service instead of movement

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