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Acepta el desafío. Atrapa una visión. Cambiar el mundo.


PASTOR/TEAM SATISFACTION: imagine having quality and quantity time with wife, family and friends while experiencing exponential growth. Imagine having weekend gatherings where you are being a New Testament equipper, enabler, trainer and mobilizer.


EXPONENTIAL GROWTH: as you build go deep instead of broad, you will position your church for real multiplication and exponential growth working in the timeline God gives you (as short as 3 years).


REAL DISCIPLESHIP: as you commit to bringing great depth to the people of your church family, you will be able to raise up hundreds of real disciple makers whether in groups or individually


DYNAMIC MINISTRY TEAMS: instead of stagnant small groups, you will raise up dynamic ministry teams (Ekklesia - micro-churches) who follow the in-depth training New Testament training model that Jesus implemented.


CARING FOR POOR AND NEEDY: each dynamic ministry team will follow God’s leading in adopting one needy individual, couple or family showing and sharing extravagant generosity and love to bring them to health and wholeness in every way.


CHURCH PLANTING: after a couple years, you will be able plant churches locally and globally from new ministry teams formed from the organic team clusters already formed. They will pray about planting new churches in people groups and nations.


FIVE-FOLD GIFTS FULLY FUNCTIONING IN MICRO-CHURCHES: each dynamic ministry team will utilize the five-fold gifts and other gifts mentioned in scripture to fully pastor, disciple, equip, train and mobilize new dynamic ministry teams and share God’s love to needy people locally and globally

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